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The Ephemerality of Life

Barnett Newman's 1963 Sculpture, an inverted "Washington Monument Like" obelisk balanced on a pyramid, outside Gallery Xue in New York City

Broken Obelisk, Barnett Newman, 1963

NEW YORK CITY, March 15 — This month at Gallery Xue / NYC we feature Agnes Sharple, Barnett Newman, and Vaneeesa Blaylock: three silent meditations on the ephemerality of life, hope, dreams, relationships. Three longful yearnings for some sort of transcendent, sublime peace. Spanning 49 years of sculpture and installation we are pleased to exhibit Barnett Newman’s 1963 masterpiece Broken Obelisk; Agnes Sharple’s 2011 installation Last Meal; and a new performance milieu from Vaneeesa Blaylock, Like a Prayer.
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Celeste Coetzee

Images of South African artists and free speech advocates in a "potato peeling protest" to protest The Gallery at Grande Provence in Franschhoek curator Carina Bekker's removal of Celeste Coetzee's performance / installation Bridal Ontklee (bridal strip)

FRANSCHHOEK, South Africa, November 28 – Celeste Coetzee’s work Bridal Ontklee (Bridal Strip) has been removed from The Gallery at Grande Provence in Franschhoek, by curator Carina Bekker. Coetzee’s performance / installation at The Gallery at Grand Provence was part of the Unisa (University of South Africa) Final Year Student Exhibition there.
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Liz Solo

I truly live in two worlds. This ‘two world’ concept once posed too much ambiguity for me, as I felt torn as to whom I was. In maturity I have come to find it the source of my power, as I can easily move between these two places and not feel that I have to be one or the other, that I am an Indian in this modern society.

— James Luna

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