Belinda Blignaut

Images from Belinda Blignaut's installation at Young Blackman Gallery, Cape Town, wherein she chewed hundreds or thousands of pieces of pink bubble gum and then placed them on the walls, glass and doors of the gallery. Installation view images and also images of Belinda Blignaut blowing bubbles and pressing them against walls and glass.

I’ve been following the career of Cape Town artist Belinda Blignaut since I discovered her Stealing the Words installation at Young Blackman Gallery in the summer of last year.
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Gwen Penner

Gwen Penner, Xue Faith, Betty Tureaud at Luciella Lutrova's Museo de arte Moderno viewing an installation of Zapatero's work.

Gwen Penner, Xue Faith & Betty Tureaud viewing Penner’s installation at Luciella Lutrova’s Museo de arte Moderno.

In the physical world Gwen Penner is a 2D artist traveling the globe producing books of richly illustrated drawings and making vibrant paintings. In the virtual world, Trill Zapatero is an artist, ethnographer, and architect building the Virtual Afghanistan Museum and the Four Bridges Campus in Second Life. To put a finer point on it, she makes 2D art in the 3D world, and 3D art in the flatscreen world, it is a provocative convolution Penner / Zapatero explores.
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